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Return to Shandan reveals an exciting teaching opportunity


Previous National President Dave Bromwich is in China at the moment. The following is his report of a visit to Shandan and an exciting opportunity.

 I have just returned to Shandan after nearly four years absence. There have been many changes. In particular, the Bailie International Vocational College (BIVC) campus has opened, and the Shandan Bailie School (SBS) has moved into its campus. SBS is the foundation for this new college, but the BIVC operates at a higher level. They still act somewhat independently but integration is slowly happening. Collectively they now have around 5000 students.

They have opened a Bailie history exhibition room, which is rich with photographs that include visitors from NZCFS, NZ Ambassadors over the years, and activity including the cooperative training projects that NZCFS, SBS and the NW Branch of Gung Ho have delivered together. Of course there are many pictures featuring Rewi Alley, as well as the visit of Xi Jinping in 2019. His father, Xi Zhongcun, was an honorary Principal of SBS after it was re-established.

So SBS, and the new BIVC, have a rich history that connects NZCFS and New Zealand to Shandan, which is a strong link between New Zealand and China.

NZCFS placed teachers at SBS from 1987 to 2019. There is now an urgent need from Shandan to restart this programme. They would like two teachers of English for immediate start, or at the beginning of the next academic year in late August. One would also be acceptable. A one year placement is preferred.

Travel costs are covered for a one year placement. An apartment in a new block has three bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom, with internet provided. The salary of 4,500 rmb per month for a Bachelors degree, 6,000 for a Masters and 8,000 for a PhD is below what can be earned in eastern cities, but the experience and welcome here cannot be matched elsewhere in China. No previous teaching experience is required. This would really suit a retired couple looking for a worthwhile and interesting experience!

For further details, please contact Dave Bromwich [email protected] or NZCFS [email protected]