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Bust of Rewi Alley, Qingpu Cemetery, Shanghai

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Bust of Rewi Alley, Qingpu Cemetery, Shanghai

Type:  Statue

Location:   Qingpu Cemetery, 270 Wai Qing Song Gong Lu,  Qingpu, Shanghai  [but see ‘Detailed Access’ directions below]

Goggle Earth view of location:

Google earth view of location of entrance to Qingpu Cemetery and statue of Rewi Alley

GPS co-ordinates:   Rewi Bust  N31 06.773  E121 07.754;  Cemetery Entrance N31 06.849  E121 07.616

Cost:  No cost to view

Access:   The statue is located in a cemetery, in a park-like area;  the cemetery is 30-40km west of the centre of Shanghai. 

The cemetery is in Qingpu – this is a city in it’s own right, more significant than just a suburb of Shanghai.  There are no trains in the vicinity, various buses can be used to access it.    See below for more details on travel to Qingpu Cemetery.

Website:  www.fushouyuan.gongmuzhixiao.com

Detailed Access:

To reach Qingpu from Shanghai central will take 2-3 hours.  There several possible routes – alternatives include:

Getting to the end of the closest metro – the end of Line 2, and catch a bus or taxi from there.  Line 2 ends in the NECC convention centre – a huge sprawling complex, with a major bus terminus.  Buses are not numbered, ask for one going in the direction of Qingpu.  The route follows a motorway, signs indicate Qingpu is 25km away.   This is similar to the route to the water-town of Zhujiajiao.

The bus will drop you in the centre of Qingpu, still quite some distance from the cemetery.  The cemetery address is a major motorway road, the cemetery is in the southern direction on this road, and actually some distance from the road itself.  Bus #12 goes close.  Other buses without numbers also go past the address.

The cemetery is not actually at the address given!  It is inside a cun or village adjacent to the road, a few km further.  You can walk this, or catch a taxi.  Taxi flag-fall was 12Y (2016), which will cover the drive to the cemetery gate.  Drive around the cemetery perimeter to the entrance gate that is open.  This is a large park, lots of water canals, monuments to famous people, statues of elephants, birds, other odd things. 

Qingpu Cemetery Location Guide [oriented with North to right]. Rewi’s bust is located in the NW quadrant (top right).

The statue of Rewi is in the park opposite the main gate – turn right, walk over the first bridge, and the statue is on the left.  There are free park-guides available – Rewi is located at Plot number L23.

Location Indicator, Qingpu Cemetery. Rewi Alley bust is at L23

To return to Qingpu/Shanghai: 

From the cemetery exit, there is a local bus #1 which only goes around the cun, you need to get out to the main road.  On the main road, adjacent to the village entrance road, is a bus stop – all buses will go back in the direction of Qingpu. 

From Qingpu, retrace your steps.  It is also possible to catch the tourist bus returning from Zhujiajiao, it will have the Chinese characters for ‘People’s Square’ in the window, 1-1.5 hours drive back to the centre of Shanghai. 

Unveiling (September, 2014)

The unveiling of the Bust of Rewi Alley in Qingpu Cemetery, Shanghai, was organised by the Shanghai station of Gung Ho.  Among the guests were members of the Gung Ho executive from Beijing, and NZ Vice Consul General in Shanghai, Brian Hewson.  Society President Dave Bromwich spoke on the value of continuing the spirit of Rewi Alley into the future.   Matt Stuart, representing the Alley family, was treated with great esteem, and he gave an excellent speech from his perspective as a young Alley descendant. Matt was one of the dignitaries to uncover the bust of Rewi Alley.

Quotation on the plinth:

On the plinth of the bust, besides the Gung Ho symbol, is a quotation from Deng Xiaoping:

“Our veteran fighter, old friend and comrade.  2 December, 1977”

Stele next to Rewi Alley bust, Qingpu Cemetery. Donated by the International Committee for the Promotion of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives (Gung Ho)
Stele next to the bust:

Just to the right of the bust is a stele with the following text in English:

“Rewi Alley, China’s great foreign friend, was a founder of Indusco – known to the world as the Gung Ho Movement. And served as the chairman of the International Committee for the promotion of Chinese Industrial Co-operatives.

“Rewi was born on 2 December, 1897, in Springfield, on New Zealands (sic) South Island, and died in Beijing on 27 December, 1987.

“Over the course of his 60 years in China he shared the fate of the Chinese people and he gave his all to the cause of China’s resurgence.

“The first 11 years of his 60 years in China was spent in Shanghai

“He made great contributions to China’s revolution and construction throughout his stay in China., earning love and respect from the Chinese people.”

International Committee for the promotion of Chinese Industrial Co-operatives

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This article is based on a report by Jane Furkert of her work: ‘An Independent Travellers’ Guide to Rewi Alley Locations in China, 2016’, that was funded by the Rewi Alley Friendship and Exchange (RAFE) Fund.

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