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Study opportunities in Beijing

Calling all New Zealand students!

Schwarzman scholars in Beijing

Schwarzman Scholars is a prestigious programme established in 2013 by US philanthropist Stephen A Scwharzman to support up to 200 scholars annually from around the world for a one-year master’s in global affairs at Beijing’s Tsinghua University — a top-ranked university in Asia.

The programme is committed to educating scholars on the importance that mutual understanding plays in tackling geopolitical challenges. Scholars chosen for the programme live in Beijing for a year of study and cultural immersion — attending lectures, travelling around the region and developing a better understanding of China.

New Zealand students have applied successfully to the programme in the past (including the current 2023 intake), but it would be awesome to see more! If this sounds like you or someone you know, you can find more information at Schwarzmanscholars.org. This year’s application deadline is 19 September 2023.