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Dunedin Branch NEWSLETTER JULY 2012


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Mr Liu Guozhong was our guest when we celebrated 60 years of NZCFS. Mr Liu is the deputy principal at Shandan Bailie School, with which the society has had an association since the 1950s.

During the time we hosted him he visited a variety of dry farming activities in Central Otago, and Telford Rural polytechnic at Balclutha. Here he was able to talk with Director Prof Charles Lamb and tour the complex. There were many similarities between the two “schools” as they are both centres for rural training. We hope to build this relationship further.

Guozhong enjoying the Clutha


Guozhong with Telford Director Charles Lamb


…relaxing chat after dinner



To celebrate 60 years of NZCFS 15 branch members enjoyed a celebratory dinner and enjoyed Mr Liu’s relaxed but inspiring manner as he told us about his school and the goals they have of becoming a centre of excellence for rural learning and cooperative development in Shandan province.



Ms Ma Baoru is a long time friend of NZCFS, and an expert on the work of New Zealand nurse Kathleen Hall. Who?

Rewi Alley, New Zealand’s most famous old China hand, said, “If Kathleen Hall was a man, she’d be a hero”. Alley became a household name in his adopted homeland as a founder of the Gung Ho cooperatives and a champion of the poor. His name is still magic in China, but Kathleen Hall’s fame has really only surfaced in the last 15 years. Her work behind the lines in the Sino-Japanese war was secret and extraordinarily courageous, and like Alley, her entire focus was on the welfare of the peasants.

During her brief visit to Dunedin Ma Baoru enjoyed our hospitality and the opportunity to indulge her love of photography.

…photography passion



Columba College celebrated the official opening of their Confucius Classroom on 29June. This special relationship with the Confucius Institute, University of Canterbury, begins a new stage in the College’s teaching of Chinese.

Chinese language was first offered at Columba in 2006. Head of Languages Mrs Anstey said that their goal is for the College to become a centre of excellence and “to open doors to the community for Chinese language and cultural learning.”

Dr Adam Lan of The Confucius Institute welcomed the opportunity “to work closely with Columba and other Dunedin Schools.”

Chinese language teacher Ms I. Ding demonstrated the skills of her students in a variety of enjoyable presentations which included speeches in Mandarin, a  powerpoint presentation about their school trip to china, Chinese flute music, songs and dance. The tour of the classroom revealed the wide range of activities which are part of the language learning. 


It was a very enjoyable “opening” and an indication of the ongoing progress of increasing opportunities to learn Chinese in Dunedin.  We continue to seek out and support other opportunities.

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