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NZCFS Tours are one of our signature activity. The concept of “we know China best” can still stand, and especially in the new era of massive competition.

It is important when looking at tours to China to consider what NZCFS has on offer.

  • All inclusive, no hidden costs. Fully escorted by a knowledgable and experienced NZ leader, complemented by a carefully selected Chinese companion, who becomes a member of the tour party, and assists tour members.
  • Good quality accommodation, four star or best available, selected for locations that are interesting and convenient.
  • Real food, and real local restaurants. No tour buses parked outside, no tables filled with foreign tour groups being fed commodity tourist food. Food is an essential part of the China experience, and tour leader and Chinese companion will work hard to achieve this.
  • Learn about what is ‘real’ China, with no condescension. I once came across a Chinese guide who was mocking his own Chinese language through deliberating presenting Chinglish. Not what we are about!
  • 100% no compulsory shopping stops. Shoppers will be assisted if they request it, but the members will not be dragged through tourist sites that culminate in pressure to buy.
  • Travel connections organised for ease of travel and comfort. NZCFS will not have you arrive at your international destination at 3.00am unless absolutely unavoidable. We respect that an exciting itinerary needs to be balanced with rest and relaxation.
  • NZCFS Tours can be flexible. Whenever individuals have a personal need to do something different at a specific location or at a certain time, or would like to sit something out, NZCFS Tours will do their best to accommodate requirements and assist with alternatives.
  • While most travellers to China wish to see the major sites, NZCFS tours can offer some real off the beaten track (as much as possible in today’s tourist mad world) travel experiences. That is why many of our tours are called Explore China.

Acclamations for NZFS Tours can be seen in the number of people who have been on two, three, even NINE tours with NZCFS. “Best group tour I have ever been on”. “On top of the amazing itinerary and activities, we had so much FUN.” “I don’t know how they managed to give us new dishes twice a day.” Yes, there is some stiff competition out there, but NZCFS Tours are QUALITY, and cannot be compared to the cheap offerings.

Explore China – the South-east, October 2019. With a definite ten starters, it is not too late to enquire about this tour.

The south- east tour will include a balance of diverse sites and activity. History, old and modern; distinct minority culture; scenic wonderlands and picturesque ancient villages; ultra- modern cities with futuristic architecture standing alongside traditional.

Ice and Tropics, February March 2020. This is also on the website, and will include three days at the world famous Ice and Lantern Festival in Harbin, followed by 18 days in the southern areas – Hainan Island, Guangxi and a stopover I Hong Kong/Macao.

Further out:

Explore China – the North-east, October 2020

Briefly, we will explore a range of sites in Shandong, Liaoning and Jilin Provinces. End up in Beijing. Details to come.



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