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Grand Canal Tour September 4-24 2024

The route to be travelled on the tour from Beijing to Shanghai
The route to be travelled from Beijing to Shanghai


Travel from Beijing to Shanghai visiting important sites along the route of the Grand Canal. Be captivated in awe by the magnitude of this ancient engineering feat. The stops along the way are selected for their various points of interest, from the history of the trade, society and culture along the ancient transportation route to the attractions of modern cities with their beauty and unique features.

Days 12 and 13 will visit to sites on opposite banks of the Yangtze


Appreciate some very famous historical figures in Confucius, with a side trip to his birthplace Qufu, to the birthplace of highly esteemed ‘eldest son’ of modern China, Zhou Enlai in Huai’an. Spend a night on the summit of holy mountain Tai shan.

Learn about this great sage still relevant in China today


A tour of beautiful gardens and scenery, and unique traditions from silk manufacture to the world famous vinegar of Zhenjiang. Here enjoy a vinegar tasting of some of the more refined vinegars of the world! Enjoy diverse specialty cuisine of the region, and other interactive activity to learn by doing!

Totally enjoyable and diverse, but also a learning experience of some breadth. Watch this space Watch this space. For expression of interest and more information, enquire at [email protected].

The overall itinerary can be found here (PDF).