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Happy Chinese New Year Festival from Christchurch!


The Christchurch community came alive with the vibrant sights and sounds of the Happy Chinese New Year Festival held at Hagley Park on 9-11 February, 2024. Led by the Chinese Advisory Group, the event saw the collaboration of over 20 community groups, showcasing the spirit of unity and cultural exchange.

A Spectacle of Performances:

The stage was a dazzling platform for over 150 performances, both local and international. The diverse range of cultural acts kept the audience enthralled throughout the festival.

Thriving Marketplace and Fun Activities:

Over 36 stalls offered a delightful mix of food vendors, community services, and corporate sponsors.  Families enjoyed delicious treats, engaging games, and exciting entertainment, fostering a truly festive atmosphere.

Dedicated Volunteers:

The success of the festival wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of approximately 300 volunteers.  These individuals played a vital role in various aspects, from traffic management and social media advertising to stall operations, security, and waste management.  Enthusiastic teenagers also added a touch of vibrancy by sporting colourful costumes and engaging with the audience.

Community Spirit at its Finest:

The festival received valuable financial support from the Christchurch City Council, the Chinese Consulate Office, the Ministry of Ethnic Communities, generous corporate sponsors, and the wider community. This collaborative effort underlines the commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment.

A Memorable Experience:

The event proved to be a resounding success, bringing the community together to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.  As one food vendor remarked, having participated in numerous events over the past decade, this stood out as the most exceptional one.