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Hawke’s Bay Newsletter May 2012



Shandan Bailie School, Cooperatives and NZCFS

Deputy Principal of the Shandan Bailie School Liu Guozhong has come to New Zealand to help us celebrate our 60 years

He has been at Shandan since 1989, and has visited New Zealand three times for study. He was the 2002 Rewi Alley scholar, and in 2009 to 2011, he completed a Master’s degree in Agri-commerce at Massey University, supported by a NZAID scholarship.

He was acting Secretary-General of Gung Ho (ICCIC -International Committee for the Promotion of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives) from 2005 to 2007, and has served as a manager, consultant, and trainer for NZCFS’ cooperative development projects in Gansu and Shaanxi Provinces, as well as with other international cooperative projects.


Date:  8 June 2012

Time: 7.30pm

Where:  Hastings District Council  Chambers in Lyndon Road.


LAST MEETING: We enjoyed the excellent DVD ‘The I-Go King and His Son’, a story based around one man’s passion for the game ‘Go’ and how this affected his relationships with his wife and son.  Afterwards Branch member John Chen answered questions about the game and assured us that the film depicted real games on screen.  



This year many visitors from China are coming to Hawke’s Bay.

In May Janet Kee, her father Mr Yau, and Hastings District Councillor Kevin Watkins hosted a NZCFS invited delegation from Shandong, led by Mr Lian Chengmin, Vice-Chairman Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial People’s Congress.

We received this email after they returned:

Dear Sally, How are you!

We had a wonderful time in Hastings and in New Zealand. Kevin and Janet Kee and her father offered us a very warm reception, we had a pleasant talk in your District Council  and took many pictures of your beautiful city as well. The only pity is we missed each other this time, but we are looking forward to seeing  you in Jinan some day. Now Kevin is our old friend already, we are waiting for his July visit in Jinan.

With my best wishes!

Sincerely yours,  Xiang Linshuang     Vice Secretary-General, Shandong Youxie


After our 60th Conference in Auckland, Nie Guangtao and Liu Guozhong spent a couple of days here.  Nie or Lao San, as he is better known to New Zealanders, is the third son of Marshall Nie Rongzhen, who had a prominent role in the Red Army.  During the Japanese War he left his four sons with George Hogg and when he died Rewi Alley took over their care for seven years.

This was during the time when the main Bailie School was at Shuangshipu in Shaanxi Province. However, with the Japanese army advancing nearer and nearer, Rewi felt it was time for the School to move further inland. He chose the half-deserted ancient city of Shandan on the Old Silk road in northwest Gansu Province. They dismantled the School with its machines and other fixtures, and trekked mainly on foot over 1000km to re-establish the school in safety.

From left: Liu Guozhong, Sally Russell, Fred Chu, Lao San and Mike Earle.

NZCFS has three honorary members in China, Lu Wanru, who was Rewi Alley’s secretary, Ma Baoru, who assisted Tom Newnham research the life of Kathleen Hall, and Liu Guozhong from Shandan Baillie School.  Liu Guozhong is travelling around visiting friends and other branches and will speak to us on the 8th of June.  Later in June Ma Baoru will visit us and when we have her itinerary, our Branch will host her to a dinner. More details later.

At the end of July six members of the Guilin Teachers’ Delegation, Mr. Jiang Ping, Deputy Director, Guilin Education Bureau, Mr. Wang Hongfeng, Director, Guilin Education Examinations’ Authority, Ms. Wang Lu, English teacher, Guilin Zhongshan Middle School, Ms. Li Jieying, English teacher, Guilin Middle School, Ms. Liao Guangfeng, Deputy Principal / English teacher, Guilin No. 1 Middle School and our old friend  Ms. Shen Ying (Sally) Interpreter, Guilin Foreign Affairs Office, will visit Hastings and a selection of our schools.