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Every year the NZCFS arranges unique travel opportunities for people who want to have an authentic China experience. Our tours are prepared by experienced China hands who  have  a genuine passion for and understaning of the country and its people. No one tour is like another, each offering a unique experience of China.

One of the many advantages of joining our NZCFS tours is the dynamic of our tour groups. The harmonious and passionate atmosphere which we foster throughout our tour is the reason why our members come back again and again.

Tours are designed to respond to individual needs of tour members (for example vegetarianism, requirement for a sedan chair!) and provide a flexible service depending on tour members.

Based on feedback from some of our veteran tour members we have developed a South-east China tour for 2019. The tour will last for 21 days over which time travelers will get to experience Southern Chinese hospitality and culture. Please note this is as for the SE Tour promoted for March-April, but it has been postponed until October. Still some places left!

About the South-east China Tour

The tour will start off in the mega-city of Guangzhou – a historically significant stop with amazing food! During the stay in Guangzhou the group will learn about the Opium war intrusions as well as the years of the Republic under Sun Yatsen.

Leaving the big (massive) city, the group will travel to Fujian Province. Fujian is a beautiful province, it is also a culturally diverse place – home to the Hakka people. Apart from learning about the local culture, food and architecture the group will also get to learn about Fujian linkages with New Zealand through Rewi Alley and the Gung Ho movement. A trip to Fujian cannot be completed without learning about tea – the group will experience a traditional tea ceremony as well as a trip to the Wuyishan scenic area and tea plantation.

Traveling to an area less well known to many New Zealanders the group will go to Jiangxi Province. Jiangxi is home to a number of UNESCO natural world heritage sites and ancient towns. While in Jiangxi the group will travel to many sites of historical and cultural significance including Nanchang, the provincial capital; Jingdezhen, the heart of China’s ceramics industry, and Wuyuan ancient villages.

Traveling East from Nanchang the tour will arrive in Zhejiang – for those who are interested in architecture – they will be able to see a different style of architecture. The group will visit Wuzhen water village – one of the villages which often gets compared as the Venice of China. The tour will explore the West Lake, a place so breathtaking the Qing Emperor decided he needed his own one – a replica West Lake was built in the Summer Palace in Beijing around 1764.  The Grand Canal is another marvel travelers will get to see – this 1,794 kilometer artificial waterway is the oldest and longest canal in the world. The canal is still used today to transport goods and people across China.

The tour will conclude in Shanghai. Members of the tour will get to learn about Shanghai’s history including experiencing Shanghai’s Art Deco heritage juxtaposed with the futuristic cityscapes of modern China. Of course a trip to Shanghai will not be complete without sampling the local delicacies – xiaolong bao is a must!

Below is an overview of the tour:

21 days in China

  • Dates: 10-30 October 10 2019
  • All inclusive Cost: $8250


  • Return international travel from your NZ hometown
  • Twin share accommodation
  • 4 star hotels or best available
  • Single supplement add $900
  • All in-China costs
  • all meals -enjoy a range of regional food experiences
  • Travel – flights, bullet trains, coach
  • Entrance fees, at least one performance


For more information about this upcoming tour please get in touch. [email protected]