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TOURS – The North East


A further tour of natural wonderlands, different cultures and food, and some significant historical events. A Unesco volcanic geopark, wetlands bird sanctuary, Siberian Tigers, and the Korean border spiritual Changbai Mountain. International influences – Russian, the Qing dynasty Manchu origins, the Pu Yi Manchuguo headquarters, Japanese conquest, and the northern fringes of the Korea/USA conflict.

This tour takes us to the farthest north NZCFS has ever delivered a tour in China, to 49 degrees north in Heilongjiang. But do not worry, we will start there in early September to dodge the onset of the extreme winter! Here, the Unesco Global Geopark of Wudalianchi is a volcanic wonderland, with five lakes formed in the lava rock, set in an area of very northern forest and Russian influences.

Travel through Qiqihar, near the north-east border with Inner Mongolia, where we will visit a wetlands area and the red-neck stork habitat, then stop in Harbin for the beautiful capital sites. Explore the Russian architecture in Central Street and St Sofia Church, that brings the Russian history to life, visit Stalin Park, and the extensive Siberian Tiger Park. Lament that we did not come in winter for the Ice Festival!

Moving South, Jilin Province gives us time on Changbai Shan, the mountain on the border of North Korea, and in the capital Changchun, where we will visit the Manchu State puppet headquarters created briefly by the exiled Last Emperor Pu Yi and the Japanese invaders. South to Liaoning, the capital city of Shenyang, and to Dandong. This is again on the border of North Korea, which can be viewed across the Yalu River, the northern most point of the US-Korean war. The long connection for New Zealanders is that it is here that our godwits fly every southern winter.

Travel to the southernmost city in Liaoning, Dalian. Take the train to Tianjin, eat the famous Goubuli steamed buns of Tianjin in walk in Guwenhua ancient culture street. Other sites unique to Tianjin, then to Beijing to round off the trip.

The details are here: http://tours.nzchinasociety.org.nz/tours/north-east-tour/