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A Letter from Yuan Chen, He Mingqing Recipient


Dear New Zealand China Friendship Society:
How are you all! On this initial period of 2020, I would like to extend my best wishes and cordial greetings to all of you who care about me, and express my heartfelt thanks to you for reading the summary report! Heaven rewards diligence, changing with each passing day. 2019 is a year of great development for my study and life. Below is what I’ll talk about the growth and harvest of the past year in terms of study and life.

The first semester of the 2019-2020 academic year mainly covered the courses of internal medicine nursing, surgical nursing, nursing statistics, otolaryngology, Chinese medicine nursing, psychiatric nursing, nursing management, nursing education, etc. In the study of the internal nursing and surgery nursing system, I learned the digestive system, cardiovascular system, urinary system and so on. It made clear to me that the nursing procedure is a reflection of the overall nursing view, scientific clinical thinking and working methods, which helped to cultivate my active thinking, the ability for timely detection and correct solution of clinical nursing problems. I also had a certain understanding of other disciplines. I obtained a total score of 768.5, the average score of 85.39. I ranked number 10 in the whole class.Through my hard work, I passed the College English Band Four.

Regarding work and life, with a grateful heart, I get on well with teachers and classmates. I have a positive and optimistic attitude when facing problems. Since entering the school, I have always served as the person in charge of my dormitory room. I would happily and actively help my roommates, consciously coordinate their relationship. Through the cooperation of roommates, I could do a better job in the dormitory environment, to provide a good relaxing, entertaining, and learning atmosphere. Due to excellent teamwork, our dormitory was rated as an “excellent dormitory” in the competition. I also participated in a big public welfare event organized by the Shaanxi Province Red Phoenix Project in conjunction with other associations – Community Hero, Walk for Love.

During this winter vacation, as a member of the Communist Youth League, I use the professional knowledge acquired from the university about this coronavirus to educate our local people ways of protection and prevention, such as seven hand-washing methods. I tried to make some contribution. As the school year approaches, I am also preparing for online learning and browsing the electronic version of the content in advance. I will appreciate more what I have got.

I hope that in the New Year, I could be able to go to a higher level of my studies, get into the hospital for internships, and learn clinical knowledge and skills to lay a good foundation for the future employment.
Finally, I would like to thank the New Zealand China Friendship Society for your care and love. I wish you all smooth work and good health!