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My experiment with TCM (Liu Rui)
“My experiment with TCM”: Dave Feickert [Illustration by Liu Rui, Global Times]

Dave Feickert, in 2011, over a 3-month period, wrote thirteen hard-hitting articles which were published on the Global Times website. They range from his analysis of the Wenzhou high-speed train crash to how NZ efforts after the Canterbury earthquakes compare with those of China following the Sichuan (Wenchuan) 2008 earthquake.   Below is a summary of them.   One of Dave’s most poignant articles is his description of his own Chinese TCM treatment for cancer.  

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The first two articles below, however, were written by Global Times reporters in early 2010, based on interviews with Dave.

At the Coalface by Global Times reporter Liu Xian (1/03/10): Dave’s work in China in improving miners’ safety.   

Bring Miners into Safety Process to avoid Tragedy by Global Times reporter Li Yanjie (11/04/10):   An interview with Dave Feickert (an adviser from New Zealand to China’s Bureau of Coal Mining Safety).   The Wangjialing coal mine accident drew new attention to China’s accident-prone mines. Despite a substantial reduction in accidents from 2008, over 2,000 miners died in 2009. How can China avoid such disasters? 

1.  Wenzhou – a Grim Wake-Up Call for Railway Safety (written 28/07/11):   About the high-speed rail crash at Wenzhou.  

Note that Dave’s even more hard-hitting article, “Rail Disaster needs Clean Investigation” on the same train crash, is no longer available on the Global Times website.

2.  My experiments with TCM paid off – for now

How Dave tried to cure his cancer using Traditional Chinese Medicine, with the encouragement of Jing (his future wife).  Dave Feickert  (2/8/2011)

3.  China’s Growing Energy Industry at a Crucial Juncture

China’s oil and gas requirements are obtained from overseas. It has coal reserves but these are creating environmental problems and China has some difficult decisions to make in the future.  Dave Feickert (9/08/11)

4.  Broken Jobs, Slashed Services led to London Burning

London’s riots and burning by out-of-work young protestors (following the death of a young man) caused Dave to recall the beginning of this social instability which began in the Thatcher era when 300,000 miners lost their jobs.  Dave Feickert (21/08/11)

5.  Clean Energy Blessing for Sino-US ties                                      

Dave points out the benefits of developing alternative (clean) energy for both US and China.  Dave Feickert  (28/08/11)

6.  Sichuan offers Hope for Quake-Struck New Zealand

Comparison of China’s recovery in Sichuan after the great earthquake in 2008 with New Zealand’s effort after the Canterbury NZ earthquakes in February and September 2010.  Dave Feickert (8/09/11)                             

7.  E-bikes threaten Safety in City of Bicycles                                 

Electric bicycles and electric scooters in Beijing.  Dave Feickert  (18/09/11)

8.  Europe can’t afford Anti-Chinese Prejudices                           

Europeans must face anti-China prejudices, especially as they may need its help in forming mutually-beneficial co-operative companies as time goes on.  Dave Feickert  (25/09/11)

9.  China’s Social Debates offer Clues for Other Nations 

The definition of Society both in China and the rest of the world, are compared.  Dave emphasises, in the context of the economic downturn threatening the world, the responsibility of the rich towards those less well-off. Dave Feickert  (28/09/11)

10.  US Senate’s Trade-warmongering fatally Misguided

Rather than put in place trade sanctions, US politicians should ensure that US corporations pay more tax in their own country and allow total free trade from the US to China.  Dave Feickert (9/10/11)                              

11.  New Deal more likely in EU than Deeply Divided US  

At the time of the ‘Occupy Wall Street‘ movement, Dave analyses European, US and China’s economic policies.  Dave Feickert (17/10/11)

12.  Public Warnings unheeded in NZ Oil Spill                             

Dave’s take on the oil spill from wreck of the Rena, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Dave Feickert  (19/10/11)

13.  European Peace rests on Back of Economic Unity

Dave suggests that China can help European unity (when the Eurozone countries were in crisis).  Dave Feickert  (8/11/11)

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