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Call for applications (from branches) for RAFE funding of Projects

'The man himself' - Dave Feickert (from his Facebook page)
‘The man himself’ –  Image of Rewi Alley and caption from Dave Feickert’s Facebook page


As you know, in 2012 the China Oceania Friendship Association (COFA) entered into an agreement with the New Zealand China Friendship Society whereby to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the society, COFA would provide 1 million RMB to our society over a period of five years, at the rate of 200,000 RMB (approximately NZ$40,000) per year, for a period of five consecutive years to be used for projects. The Memorandum of Understanding states:

The Fund will mainly support the following types of projects:

  • Projects commemorating the legacy of Rewi Alley;
  • Friendly exchange projects agreed by both parties;
  • Other projects in terms of cultural and art exchange, educational exchange and youth exchange which aim to promote China-New Zealand friendship.

The society set up the Rewi Alley Friendship and Exchange (RAFE) committee to handle this process, and, since 2012, has committed to an annual programme of calling for applications by branches for funding of projects, which comply with the terms of the fund, as specified above. The 2015 RAFE Project funding round is now being launched.

Two relevant documents can be accessed here:

  1. 2015 Guidelines for RAFE Fund.          This gives a brief background of the RAFE fund, including timelines for the 2015 process.  
  2. 2015 RAFE Fund Concept Note.          This is to be used for the applicant to provide a brief concept of the proposed project for the RAFE committee – to be submitted by May 31, 2015

Because of the constraints of the funding available, the committee will then decide if a full application is required.

The committee will respond by 15 June to all concept plan submitters, advising whether or not a full application is required. If this is the case, a formal application form will be forwarded at that time and the completed application will need to be forwarded to:  Dave Adamson [email protected] by 20 July.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. We look forward to receiving many interesting project proposals from our branches.

Dave Adamson Chair, RAFE Committee, NZCFS