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Chengdu named China’s happiest city


According to a recent survey by Oriental Outlook Magazine Chengdu is the happiest city in
China. The magazine has been running the survey since 2007 and last year polled 13.95
million people from across the country and asked them to rank their cities. The survey
looked at 50 indicators across 10 categories, including education, environment, public
security, and tourism.

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province and is located at the center of Sichuan Basin. Chengdu is a big city with a busy night-life and plenty to do, however it has a more relaxed vibe than Beijing or Shanghai. The city is well known for its tea drinking culture and there are numerous green spaces, parks and historical sites throughout the city.

The City is also becoming an important centre for innovation and entrepreneurship. Hi-tech
start-ups are moving to the city along with a growing list of high-end accommodation,
galleries, boutique shops, cafes, restaurants.

Food is also another contributor to the Chengdu people’s happiness, Chendu is home to
many fantastic dishes, for example Sichuan hotpot. Chengdu food is charctarised by being

spicy, so be prepared! The QingYang District is a popular destination for locals and great
place to go to try local delicacies.

Chengdu is also home to Sichuan Opera which is categorized by its circus-like elements.
Regular features in Sichuan Opera include acrobatics, fire spitting, and illusionists
If that wasn’t enough, Chengdu is also considered the panda capital of China!

The running up cities are as follows:
2) Hangzhou, Zhejiang
3) Ningbo, Zhejiang
4) Nanjing, JiangsuSelf-driving buses hit the road in Shenzhen for promising trial run
5) Xi’an, Shaanxi
6) Changchun, Jilin
7) Changsha, Hunan
8) Taizhou, Zhejiang
9) Tongchuan, Shaanxi
10) Xuzhou, Jiangsu.