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EVENT: Tracking New Zealand Shorebirds to China and Beyond


In the ETC (English Language Teaching College) Premises, 1st Floor, BNZ House,

140 the Square, Palmerston North. (Next to the Inspire Me Shop)

Tracking New Zealand Shorebirds to China and Beyond

Speaker: Dr Phil Battley, Associate Professor of Ornithology

Massey University, Palmerston North

Migratory shorebirds such as the Bar tailed godwit, have long been known to migrate from New Zealand to the northern hemisphere in autumn to breed. Only recently however, have the details of their incredible journey become known and much of this is due to the satellite tracking work done at Massey University in conjunction with the Miranda Naturalists Trust. Dr Phil Battley will describe their journey and outline the hazards they face as they fly first to China to feed on coastal wetlands before continuing onto Alaska and eventually returning to New Zealand in spring.

Scientists around the world are increasingly concerned that the pressure for industrialisation of Chinese coastal wetlands such as those at Yalu Jiang will lead to the destruction of this valuable coastal food resource. This could mean that many of our migratory birds would not complete their journey across the Pacific and successfully return to New Zealand’s coasts.

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