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Explore China – the Northeast Tour May/June 2014


This tour has now been completed.

NZCFS North East Tour Leaders Report 2014

This was my first NZCFS tour and my first as a NZ Tour Leader. Overall I feel the tour was a success. Certainly in terms of the distance covered, the number of places visited, the variety of experiences enjoyed and the quality of the food, it was outstanding. Wang Fang, the Chinese Tour Leader, did everything one could wish in an efficient and friendly manner.

This was well-planned and provided a well-balanced experience of historical sites, cultural sites, natural wonders and sites of zoological interest. Distances between sites were not too long and modes of travel (bus, train, ferry) were varied. In my opinion, the variety and quality of the restaurants selected was excellent and a credit to Wang Fang.

The Tour Promotion

The next NZCFS tour to China in the “Explore China” series is scheduled to take part from May 28 to June 20 2014. It visits selected sites in the  North Eastern provinces of Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang, as well as Shandong province. At all inclusive cost of $6950 for 21 days fully escorted  it is of exceptional value. Accompanied by an NZCFS leader and our favourite Chinese guide, the experience is of high quality.

Siberian Tiger Park, Harbin

This compact tour is designed to better explore one region and reduce the requirement for long distance travel. It includes cities modern and old, sites of historical significance and international influences, breathtaking scenic wonderlands.

A new area for NZCFS, this will be a tour of discovery, of understanding of the relationship of the North East to China’s history and economy. It is a region of severe climate and strong history and culture, with important social impact on China today.

Tour Name: Explore China – the Northeast Tour 2014

Dates: 28 May to 20 June 2014

Tour Duration: 21 days

Tour Type: Fully escorted

Cost: $6950 per person

Itinerary: Explore China – the Northeast Tour 2014