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Manawatu Branch April Newsletter 2016


Manawatu Branch New Zealand China Friendship Society

April Newsletter 2016

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Annual General Meeting  Sunday May 22nd at 4 pm

In the ETC (English Language Teaching College) Rooms

1st Floor, BNZ House, 140 the Square, Palmerston North 

After the Meeting

Talk: The Plight of the Eagles of Mongolia

Speaker: Dr Janelle Ward, Wildlife Health Consultant

Janelle has recently spent time investigating the causes of death and decline of eagles and other birds of prey in Mongolia. These birds have traditionally been greatly prized by Mongolian and Kazakh hunters on horseback for their skill in catching foxes, hares and other small mammals. They are particularly useful during the cold winter months when it is easier to see these gold and brown animals against the snow covered landscape. Janelle will discuss the results of her investigation and describe and illustrate some of the features of Mongolian culture and wildlife.

At Our Last Event

On Sunday 6th March the Manawatu Branch of the NZCFS organized a Chinese Arts and Craft station in the Mezzanine floor area of the Palmerston North City Library as part of the Palmerston North “FESTIVAL OF CULTURES” that was sponsored by the Palmerston North City Council.


Our contribution to this local event took the form of an afternoon demonstration and workshop of Chinese painting, calligraphy and paper cutting. This was very successful and the demand for audience participation quickly out grew the space allocated to us in the City Library.

Chinese Painting

Practising the art of Chinese painting was a popular activity at the Art and Craft Station. Branch members Luo Yi and Kate Lau helped demonstrate useful techniques in composition and using Chinese paint brushes

Calligraphy and Paper cutting

At the calligraphy table May Needham demonstrated the correct use of Chinese calligraphy brushes .  Anne Henderson and Hiliary Laracy demonstrated the skill of traditional Chinese paper cutting.

NZCFS National Conference  Tauranga 27 -19th May 

Hao Shi Duo Mo    (Good things take time)

This year the conference emphasises this thought knowing that we have goals and that we must find ways to achieve them.  All this takes time and future development means a lot of purposeful work. The theme is also about developing the Society for the future and building on past work.  In particular, we must encourage more young people to join the Society as well as recognising the efforts of our own young members.  

With the establishing of the NZ Free Trade Agreement with China in April 2007 a new phase started with many new initiatives from New Zealanders keen to establish commercial relationships.

The 2016 NZCFS Conference in Tauranga will provide a superb opportunity to recognise value of different approaches in maintaining positive relationships with China. 

On Friday, after the Powhiri and official opening by the Mayor of Tauranga , there will be a musical event followed by address by Simon Bridges MP. On “Sustaining Chinese relationships in the Bay of Plenty”. 

On Saturday the National President Dave Bromwich and the PRC ambassador will look at the history and background of NZ-China relationships and what we have learnt from the past. 

This will be followed by talks by Simon Limmer CEO of Zepri And Simon Appleton Founder of “Eastern Bridge”. The afternoon program will be devoted to youth perspectives, experiences and opportunities. 


Maurice Alley, 8th April 2016