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Manawatu Branch Newsletter – October 2010

Liu Gouzhong
Liu Gouzhong

Next Meeting: Friday 29th October at 7.30 pm in the ETC Learning Centre, Broadway, Palmerston North

Speaker : Mr Liu Gouzhong

Topic: The Evolution of Chinese Cooperatives

Liu Gouzhong is Vice Principal of the Shandan Baillie School and is currently completing a Masters degree at Massey University. He has been actively involved in the development of Cooperatives in Gansu and other provinces through his work with GongHe over the last 10 years .


Visiting Delegation –Scientists from Hangzhou
From left to right: Lu Yaobin, Jiang Yongqing, Shu Dairu, Luo Rongting, Gao Haiyan and Wang Hanrong

At Our Last Meeting – Visiting Delegation –Scientists from Hangzhou

Five scientists from the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hangzhou, visited Palmerston North and the Hopkirk Institute at Massey University in July where the delegation was hosted by Agresearch and involved our local branch member, Dr Shu Dairu and other AgResearch staff. The delegation was led by Prof Luo, Rongting, vice-president of the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences. They visited Australia and New Zealand between 24th and 31st July. In Australia, they visited the University of West Sydney. There is collaboration between the University of West Sydney and the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences in integrated pest management. In NZ they visited the Riddet Institute, AgResearch Grasslands and the Hopkirk Institute.

Also present were Professor Jiang Yongqing who is Dean of the Herbivorous Animal Department at the Academy. Included in the delegation were Professor Lu Yaobin an entomologist and Professor Wang Hanrong both of whom have an interest in the effect of climate change on the insect pests of horticultural plants in the Zhejiang region. Local members had a chance to meet the delegates at a kiwi-style pot luck dinner party.

News Items

  • Local Scientist selected for Exchange Visit

AgResearch scientist Dr. Shu Dairu, a local Manawatu branch NZCFS member, is one of five New Zealand scientists selected by the Royal Society of NZ and The China Science and Technology Exchange Centre, Ministry of Science and Technology to participate in an exchange program between NZ and Chinese scientists. Dr Shu has been involved in work on immunity to ectoparasites, Johne’s disease (paratuberculosis) and developing a vaccine to mitigate methogenic ruminant bacteria which are responsible for greenhouse gas production by sheep and cattle.

While in China Dr Shu will spend most of her time at the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Hangzhou. This Institute has reputation for the development of new vaccine adjuvants for both bacterial and viral diseases.

  • Visit of Guizhou Agricultural Delegation

On the 1st of September an Agriculture and Forestry delegation from Guizhou made a 5 day visit to the North Island. In Wellington they were hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry where they discussed NZ’s approach to food safety and biosecurity. In Palmerston North they were able to visit a dairy farm and discuss farmer and agricultural student training at Massey University before heading for Auckland via Taupo. For more than 25 years Massey University has maintained close ties with Guizhou University. In 1986 Professor Alex Chu forged the first links with the province as part of a New Zealand/Chinese government sponsored project to develop improved pastoral management systems and it is heartening to see that this relationship is continuing.

  • Celebration of National Day with Massey Students Association

An amazingly talented bunch of students put on a delightful performance of items at Massey’s auditorium on September 29th. Included in the concert were a group of local children who sang and performed in Chinese. There was also a very talented young pianist, an ensemble playing Chinese instruments, a magician and a group modelling traditional Chinese costumes including a very stunning gown (Han Fu)from a noble lady of the Han dynasty

  • Possible Revival of Taranaki Branch

The Taranaki Branch was very active during the 1980’s and played an important role in the renovation of Rewi Alley’s whare at Moeawatea which is in South Taranaki. Former secretary Mary Bannock and Chris Avery have recently put their heads together to canvas local interest in the revival of the Branch after several years remission. Watch this space……

  • CANTERBURY EARTHQUAKE From the President’s Notebook October

The National Day banquet on 1 October gave many Christchurch members their first chance to meet and share individual shocking earthquake experiences. Those whose houses’ future are in limbo thankfully are very few, includes National Executive members Bill Willmott and Diana Madgin. This coming week will see announcements on what land cannot be rebuilt, but it is the stress and strain that cannot be described, or easily relieved. At this stage no assistance is being sought – thankyou for your kind offers.

  • Tour Flyer for April 2011 Discover China

Attached is the flyer for this fantastic 18 day fully escorted tour for next year

Maurice and Dorothy Alley

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