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NZCFS Participates in Dunhuang-Christchurch Cultural Seminar

An online event linking Dunhuang in Gansu province with its sister city Christchurch was an opportunity to celebrate the cultural connections between the two cities.

Screen shot of online participants in Dunhuang-Christchurch Cultural Seminar
Online participants in Dunhuang-Christchurch Cultural Seminar


China’s Deputy Consul General in Christchurch Mr Zhai Xingfu said in his speech to the online attendees that Dunhuang’s statues and mural paintings absorb the essence of ancient Greek, ancient Indian and ancient Persian art. This makes the Dunhuang culture a pioneering example of cultural exchanges and coexistence between the East and the West, and a demonstration of openness and inclusiveness of Chinese civilization.

National President Chris Lipscombe described the goal of linking together the cultural heritage of Dunhuang and Christchurch as a powerful reminder of how, in this century, the Belt and Road Initiative is also bringing people together in a new common endeavour.

The major part of the seminar was an illustrated lecture given by Western Thousand Buddha Caves Conservation Institute of Dunhuang Academy Director Liu Qin. Concluding remarks were given by Christchurch Branch Secretary and former National Secretary Dave Adamson.

An article reporting on the online lecture was published by Xinhua News Agency and can be read here (English-language).  A version of the article can be read in the People’s Daily app here (Chinese language).