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The NZCFS Youth Take


Many people say the world post-COVID will never be the same, the world is still in the midst of COVID, plus, the world is always changing, never the same, regardless of COVID. The only certainty is change itself. I-Ching (Book of Change) had foretold the phenomenon of change. Zhengxuan (127-200 AD) explained that I-ching also illustrated the unchangeability of the universe, for example, the sun always rises from the east and sets in the west.

The Society is turning 70 next year, and the NZ China diplomatic relationship will reach its 50th anniversary next year. The numbers will undoubtedly grow, that will not change. What may change is how we respond to the new technologies, how we embrace the highly virtual world in the future, and how we connect to the rest of the world in a COVID-bound reality. With the encouragement and approval from the Senior National Exec, our very own NZCFS Youth Club is on the horizon.

The newly established Youth Club aims to:

  • Promote NZCFS among young people, and young members can join their nearest NZCFS branch.
  •  Plan, organise and implement events that attracts young members, and increase their participation to the NZCFS projects and events.
  • Expose young members to the legacies, heritage, history and values of the Society which would empower and inspire them to carry on the great works.
  • Form “friendship” through technology, social media, and new ways that engage young people.
  • Assist the Society’s leadership team to participate in community events, to expand connections and increase the Society’s ambassadorial role in regards NZ-China relationship.
  • Engage young professionals in both New Zealand and China, to further promote and facilitate meaningful projects between two countries.
  • Communicate effectively the values of the society to the mainstream through the youth views and perspectives.

A young people-led club within the society may only be part of the solution to a changing world. The technologies, the social media platforms and the marketing strategies are merely tools to serve our purposes. The most important of all he tangata, he tangata, he tangaga, and Rewi’s motto to problem solving, no matter the challenges, the difficulties, the hardship, the uncertainties, there is always a way. 有办法 (you ban fa).
Get in touch with us at [email protected]