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Switching over the branch email addresses – Please be ready for April 2018


With a new look website, integrated cloud based calendars and membership directories as well as a WeChat connected membership the NZCFS has been dragged kicking and screaming into the online world.


At the end of 2017 all branches were provided with a dedicated NZCFS email address and while uptake as been a little slow most branches have now embraced it. Using a dedicated email address looks professional and allows branches to separate NZCFS activities from person emails, this also helps with transition planning. Each branch can make the most of the suite of services included with the email account including a newsletter publishing service and survey tools.


For those managing the branch email account they can receive emails on their phone by downloading the Zoho Mail app from the Android or Apple store, input their email address and password and you are ready to go. Emails can also be set up to download onto your computer by using an email client such as Outlook, Mozilla or AppleMail. There are a range of helpful guides on how to do this online. 


For the time being emails are being sent to the official branch accounts and the associated people’s private accounts, however the goal is to transition all branches onto the official email account over the next few months. By April 2018 the National body will only send emails intended for branches and national executive members to their official email address. It is important if you are not familiar with the email system that make a little effort to learn to love it.


Between now and April if you are having trouble with the service please contact me and I will try to assist. Also, it has been brought to my attention that some of the email accounts have had issue, please keep a record of any issues you may experience and report it back to me so I can sort out any problems as soon as possible.