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Grant on offer for Kiwis engaging with China

NZCFS Winston Churchill

NZCFS has recently joined with the prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust in awarding an annual Fellowship for Kiwis who wish to add and build value to their vocation, pastime, etc. — New Zealanders from all walks of life.

This Fellowship is for travel to China to gain knowledge, understanding and experience of Chinese culture and values, and sharing of New Zealand culture and values in China.

“NZCFS again presents new opportunities for Kiwis wishing to travel to China to help the two countries in their quest to foster closer relationships, and develop mutual understanding between their two peoples”, says NZCFS president Dave Bromwich.

The fellowship is offered to applicants who are actively involved in an occupation or sphere of activity which would benefit from time spent in China, or where building of knowledge and understanding would be of benefit through the deepening or extension of New Zealand-China relationships.

“The opportunity for the Fellow to have the freedom to deeply explore and review their engagement with China in their specific field could provide important new perspectives to their work, as well as contributing to the overall NZ-China relationship”.

Winston-Churchill-2-2This will be the first year of the WCMT/NZCFS Fellowship, the successful applicant travelling to China in 2017.

Applications must be submitted by July 31 2016.   Recipients are required to self- fund 20% of their research and travel costs.

For further information, go to http://www.communitymatters.govt.nz/Funding-and-grants—Trust-and-fellowship-grants—New-Zealand-Winston-Churchill-Memorial-Trust#China

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (NZ) is administered by the NZ Ministry of Internal Affairs. Click here for more information.

To download the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust’s pamphlet, click here