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Coop members collaborate to plant crops at the Ronghua vegetable growing cooperative, Shandan

2012 is the United Nations International Year of the Cooperative. 

NZCFS are commemorating the 2012 UN Year of the Cooperative by making four ‘International Awards’ to cooperatives selected from our projects coops. Currently NZCFS projects have directly established 41 cooperatives in Zhangye/Shandan, Gansu, and 8 in Shaanxi. Projects fund–raising focus for this year is to provide an International Award to four of these fifty cooperatives.

Coop members collaborate to plant crops at the Ronghua vegetable growing cooperative, Shandan

In the NZCFS NW China projects programme since 2006, four projects to establish model coops has provided direct tangible benefit to almost 10,000 households, with one coop alone now with 1196 household members, and the benefit continues to multiply. Proven benefits of cooperatives for their members include:

• Financial returns up by around 25%.

• Increased efficiency, improved community collaboration and harmony, and intra-household relationships.

• Increased market security and confidence in planning leading to increased household ambition.

 • Increased status and sense of well-being through successful

Coop leader Mr Yin Huawen assisted Zhang Kecai (right) to manage the coop store, which gave enough income for his family to support three children through University.

Purpose of the awards :

 Through the guidelines, selection and implementation process, promotion of this award will encourage awareness and focus on best practice of a cooperative. This has at least two direct benefits to coop promotion:

 • Focus attention to coops on what are best practices for coop management

 • Draw attention to the local government, to provincial level, of the coop programme established at Shandan Bailie School, and encourage greater local use of the training


 • To reward the best coop in each district with 5000rmb (about NZ$1000) each, and 2500rmb to the runner-up

 • To present a plaque, giving the status of receiving an “International Award”.

  How will this be achieved?

 All NZCFS project participating coops will be invited to enter this award system by responding to their achievements according to a questionnaire and set of guidelines.

NZCFS and ICCIC* will both be signatories to the award. The awards are planned to be presented during the September 60th Birthday Tour, and will be presented by NZ and Chinese VIPs.

*International Committee for Promotion of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives (Gung Ho)

 Fund target is $3500

 This will provide financial rewards, plaques, and modest expenses to bring coop leaders to presentation ceremonies. Extensive promotion of the successful results of four NZCFS cooperative projects can be achieved by the award scheme through increased local government awareness and media exposure.

 Now, just $3500 can help the benefits of our cooperative promotion programme to reach a further 10,000 households. Please assist us in our work to help rural households in China.

Please make cheques out to NZCFS Projects and mail to 35 Breadalbane Road Havelock North 4130, or direct credit to 03 0658 0213133 025 with “Award” in reference line.