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NZCFS Wellington Branch October 2014 Newsletter


Next Branch Meeting
Wednesday, 15 October 2014, at 5.45pm
Adrian Macey will speak on Climate Change: Can China save the Planet?

Adrian MaceyDr Adrian Macey was New Zealand’s first climate change ambassador, from 2006-2010, responsible for international climate change negotiations, coordination of international policy and domestic outreach. In June 2010 he was elected Vice Chair of the UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol negotiations, and then served as Chair for 2011. Adrian is also an Adjunct Professor at the New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute at Victoria University of Wellington.
In his previous career with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade he served as Ambassador to France, OECD and Algeria, and Ambassador in Bangkok with responsibilities for Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. He also has experience of international trade negotiations, in both the GATT and the WTO. He has served on several dispute settlement panels, most recently as chair of a US/China intellectual property case. At the IGPS he runs a roundtable series on climate change.

map of Connolly Hall
Connolly Hall

Connolly Hall, Guildford Terrace, off Hill Street, Thorndon, Wellington (see map) (Car park up Guildford Tce beside Hall)
An optional Chinese buffet meal, supplied by the Fujiyama Café, will follow the meeting at 7 pm. Orders for the $12 meal (please pay at the door) will be taken up till 6pm.  If you think you may be arriving late, please let the Secretary know in advance.
The final monthly meeting at Connolly Hall is 19 November.
15 August-31 October        Art exhibitions by the Confucius Institute of Art Collection, Level 3, Main Library, Kelburn Campus, Victoria University of Wellington
13 October    The Vanishing Spring Light, 6.15pm, Paramount Cinema.
18 October    Mandarin Corner resumes at 3.15pm – 4.30pm on Saturdays.
18 October    Wu Na Guqin Recital, Adam Concert Room (free admission).
22 October    Gao Shan Liu Shui – High Mountain Flowing Water (a musical drama). NZSM Concert Hall, Mt Cook campus. Tickets: $20/$10 from Eventfinda; $30/$15 at the door.
23 October    Chinese Film: Snowfall in Taipei, Committee Room 1, WCC, 101 Wakefield Street.
Please be reminded that 2014 membership subscription renewals are well past due.  Please renew if you have not already done so.
Cr Jo CoughlanREPORT FROM LAST MEETING (from Kirk McDowall)
On the 17th September 2014, the Wellington branch of the New Zealand China Friendship Society (NZCFS) welcomed Councillor Jo Coughlan to give a speech on her perspective on building relationships with China. For the last five years she has been a Director of Silvereye Communications and has worked with an extensive range of public and private sector clients and industry organisations both in New Zealand and globally. Jo is in her third term as a Wellington City Councillor, having been originally elected in October 2007.
Jo began her speech by highlighting her connections with China. This included going on business delegations, for projects on sustainability and agriculture, as well as facilitating meetings between officials and the Prime Ministers of China and New Zealand. Growing up in mid-Canterbury, Jo didn’t have any influence from China, and it wasn’t until 1999 when she went to the APEC summit in Auckland as a press secretary of Don McKinnon, that she first met officials from China. Eight years later she travelled to China as a tourist and was able to explore the country, and recognised the opportunities that could become apparent by strengthening this relationship.
One way to improve the relationship between the two countries, as well as create more opportunities for local businesses and companies in New Zealand and China, is through Mayoral Delegations. This involves officials and organisations travelling to the other country and spending time creating networks and attending key events in relevant areas, which can result in greater prosperity for both.
In 1987, Former Wellington Mayor James Belich signed the sister city agreement with Xiamen Mayor Zou Erjun. This was the beginning of a strong relationship between the two cities. As a result, Major Celia Wade-Brown and Jo Coughlan led a 31-member delegation to Beijing, Tianjin, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong in 2011. The delegation’s aim on the 10-day trip was to grow relationships and consolidate business and cultural ties with these countries.
Again in May 2014, Celia and Jo led a delegation of 30 organisations, including businesses and education providers, to a number of cities in China. This delegation aims to strengthen existing relationships with partners and customers in China, as well as establish new relationships that will result in business growth. The main focus was on the education sector, in which Wellington is actively growing the market share of international students in New Zealand. In 2013, the delegations helped over 1,000 Chinese students come to Wellington to study, through support from local organisations, universities and local high schools.
The aim of delegations between New Zealand and China is to strengthen the link between the two countries. In 1999, there were approximately 20,000 tourists coming from Mainland China. This increased to over 230,000 in 2013 and is predicted to reach 450,000 in 2017. These Mayoral Delegations are actively promoting the city of Wellington as a key destination to visit, study and invest in. For example, during their stay in China, the Major of Hangzhou suggested a promotional advertisement of Wellington to showcase to its citizens. This was subsequently seen by over a million people in the city.
These delegations also allow officials and business people to recognise the opportunities and potential in China – in terms of trade, study and services; such as supplying architects for the ever increasing cities across the country. Examples of companies and businesses that have been involved in these delegations include the Wellington Airport, Yoobee School of Design and New Zealand Post. As New Zealand and Wellington continue to strengthen our links with China, these Mayoral Delegations are becoming increasing important, giving participants the chance to interact with key groups in China. These can also help to raise awareness and knowledge of both countries and between individuals, which is a key priority of organisations involved in promotion of New Zealand and China.
Questions for Jo (who is co-chair of the NZ Chinese Language Week Trust) focused on the China Language Week, which is supported by the NZ Government, Asia NZ Foundation and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, but is driven by local organisations. The week will be running from 8 to 14 September next year, and activities may include those across New Zealand, the creation of apps and Bilingual events at Te Papa. Questions were also asked about Jo’s business, Silvereye Communications
The China New Zealand Education Trust is organising a programme for three senior Chinese Early Childhood Teachers to spend 8 weeks in New Zealand studying early childhood education. The Trust is in the process of arranging their programme including paid homestay placements. It is looking for paid homestay accommodation from 25 October to 22 November in Wellington.
The teachers will be placed in the Sunshine Kindergarten in Karori, PikiPiko (Clyde Quay) Kindergarten and Hataitai Kindergarten.  They will spend four days, Monday to Thursday in their Kindergartens. The China New Zealand Education Trust is organising a range of different ECE experiences for the teachers for each Friday. If you are able to provide accommodation to one or more teachers, please contact Doreen Launder at [email protected]
The Prominent Persons and Leaders delegation, led by National President Dave Bromwich, was hosted by Youxie on September 1-5 in Guiyang.  On the first day, members attended the Youxie Friendship forum with participants also from Australia, USA, Canada and Oceania. The delegation then flew together to Shanghai, where it participated in the unveiling of a bust of Rewi Alley in the Qingpu district. This was organised by the Shanghai station of Gung Ho.  See President Dave’s full report on our website: https://nzchinasociety.org.nz/17816/presidents-report-on-september-activity-in-china-2014/
Planning is in progress by the Nelson branch which is hosting next year’s Conference the weekend of May 22-24.  The theme chosen is “有办法 YO BANFA: There is a way!” based on the title of a book from Rewi Alley.  Branches and Committees will be asked to make presentations, should they wish, on how they are finding ‘a way’ to convert NZCFS goals into action. More details later.
MANDARIN CORNER 汉语角  Saturdays 3.15-4.30pm, reopens 18 October   
Mandarin CornerSeminar Room, 20 Kelburn Parade, Victoria University of Wellington.
Mandarin Corner (Wellington), established in 1995 by NZCFS, is a weekly event where students learning Chinese meet with native speakers of Chinese for conversation and cultural activities in a friendly, relaxed setting. Mandarin Corner is currently run by a core team of Mandarin Language Assistants.  If you wish to improve your Chinese language skill, share your China experiences or talk to someone who has been or lived there, this is a great place to go.  Snacks and drinks are provided.  For more information contact Jingyuan(孔璟瑗)at [email protected]
Please note due to the school holidays, Mandarin Corner will reopen on 18 October. Dynasty by Han Xu
The Confucius Institute and Victoria University of Wellington proudly present a new art space held on Level 3 of the Main Library in the Kelburn Campus at Victoria University. It is dedicated to showcasing visual art by contemporary artists in and outside China who respond creatively to Chinese culture, history and society. The current series of exhibitions Zoo by Wong Hung-Feifeatures two mixed-media artists who create photo-based works that pay homage to traditional ink-wash painting.
Han Xu captures the motifs and icons of power in the ancient Chinese capital, Beijing, where he grew up. He photographed the city over a period of five years (1995-2000), when he felt the rapid rise of economic power in China was beginning to overshadow its land and history.
Wong Hung-fei’s Zoo is based on a series of snap shots taken in a zoo in Qingdao, China. After applying some brushstrokes with toners on their surfaces, these ordinary scenes become brimming with life – the surreal landscapes that the Hong Kong-based artist shows great expertise in creating.Vanishing Spring Light
A powerful documentary, The Vanishing Spring Light, by Xun “Fish” Yu, is the allegorical portrait of Dujiangyan City in southwest China – home to the oldest irrigation system, a UNESCO site – by way of Grandma Jiang. While her neighborhood is on the verge of a massive gentrification, Grandma Jiang is slowly dying of the after-effects of a stroke. The movie has several long takes of frank discussions with Grandma and her children, who help her as her health deteriorates. The Vanishing Spring Light provides breezy snapshots of the community, getting on with their daily routines, well aware that that their lifestyle is on the cusp of extinction.
Venue: Paramount Cinema, 25 Courtenay Place.
The Confucius Institute has some complimentary tickets available. If you are interested, please email Lai Ching at [email protected]  or call 04 463 9549 to claim the tickets. Tickets are available on first come first served basis.
For more information, please visit: http://www.victoria.ac.nz/ci/arts-and-culture/film-screening-fallen-city  
Wu Na, arguably the most outstanding and adventurous young performer of the ancient Chinese 7-string zither, the guqin, will demonstrate her versatility with a medley of classic repertoire and modern improvisations. Guest collaborators: Nathalie Hunt (composer for guqin and cello), Jim Murphy and his Swivel, David Long (banjo with effects and sound elements), and pianist/composer Gao Ping.
Venue: Adam Concert Room, New Zealand School of Music, Kelburn Campus.  Free admission.
Gao Shan Liu Shui (High Mountain Flowing Water) is an ancient tale of the unlikely yet profound friendship between a master player of the quqin (the most ancient of Chinese string instruments) and an untutored woodcutter who understands his music like no other. Masters in their chosen instruments, pianist and composer Gao Ping, and guqin virtuoso Wu Na, collaborate for the first time in this unique performance combining their innovative approaches to music-making. Joining forces with Kunqu opera star Dong Fei, visual designer Jon He and acclaimed director Sara Brodie, the musical contemporaries bring to life the shared spirit of understanding that is Gao Shan Liu Shui. Presented by the VUW Confucius Institute with support from the Chinese Ministry of Culture.
Venue: NZSM Concert Hall, Mt Cook campus. Tickets: $20/$10 at from Eventfinda; $30/$15 at the door.
movie - Snowfall in TaipeiCHINESE FILM 中国电影  – Thursday 23 October 2014, 7.15pm
Venue: Committee Room One, Wellington City Council, 101 Wakefield Street. Gold coin donation. With support from Confucius Institute, Victoria University of Wellington
台北飘雪 Snowfall in Taipei
Director: 霍建起 Huo Jianqi Cast: 陈柏霖Bolin Chen,童瑶 Yao Tong
May, a top singer from mainland China, suddenly lost her voice and had conflicts with her producer and secret lover. In anger she came to the old town of Jington where she met Xiao Mo, a warmhearted man. Xiao Mo helped May to find a dwelling place, and introduced her to work. May found happiness and consolation from Xiao Mo and the old streets of the small town. Along with the sudden appearance of Jack, a muckraking journalist, the situation began to develop towards the uncontrolled direction…
NZCFS Youth Website
Remember to check the NZCFS Youth Website, which is available at www.nzcfsyouth.org. The site contains articles from members of the NZCFS, showing their experiences from New Zealand and China, as well as information and events. This site will be running in conjunction with the main NZCFS website. If you would like to add an article to the website, feel free to contact Faye or Kirk ([email protected]). Make sure to check out the Facebook page as well, www.facebook.com/NZCFSWellington, to learn more about this group.
•    Garden and Missionary Tour 2015 late April-May: Shanghai/Suzhou, Sichuan, Beijing, with a range of different garden styles, including classic gardens, public parks, and pandas.
•    Explore China – The North Central Region 2015 late July–August: This tour will focus on Inner Mongolia, and central North China to the south of this vast province. It will aim to be there in time for the range of cultural festivals of the Mongolian people.
•    Photographers Tour 2015 September 4-25: it will visit the west, in Sichuan, Tibet and Yunnan provinces, and travel at a photographer’s pace. See itinerary.
For more information see https://nzchinasociety.org.nz/news/tours-to-china/ or email [email protected].