Interesting Articles Submitted by Members

In this section the NZCFS places selected informative articles to provide a range of perspectives and understanding. Any views expressed in the articles do not necessarily represent the views of NZCFS.

The Woodcarvers of Fuzhou, Fujian Province, in China

We almost missed the workshop, passing by on a warm summer’s day as we strolled in the afternoon sun.  Then we saw in the dull light a most extraordinary sight – a hundred horses galloping to the left in panic, carved in wood the colour of toffee, every joint accurately shaped, with fetlocks flying, manes and tails flowing and heads carved in every direction, downward, upward … [Read more...]

Volunteer Teaching in China (VICTour) – an initial tour, Oct 2011

The following are two reports on the first VICTour, which took place in October 2011, with the assistance and support of the National Chinese People's Association for Friendship (Youxie).  It was an initial tour, with a view to the Society promoting further similar ventures to enable English speakers to teach English in China, on a short-term basis.   The first report is by … [Read more...]

The greening of the Beijing municipality (2011)

Article by Ruth Henderson, Hibiscus Coast branch’s delegate for the 2011 Prominent Persons and Leaders Delegation. A highlight of the 2011 NZCFS Prominent Person’s Delegation for a horticulturist or anyone interested in ecology and climate change had to be our visit with the very enthusiastic Chen Junqi. He is the Deputy Director of both the Beijing Forestry Carbon … [Read more...]

Taking a bus in China ‐ Fuzhou, Fujian province

Many people visit China as a tourist and never experience the delights and tribulations (though the latter are slight and rare...) of going by bus.  It is definitely not as scary as one might think. While the Chinese don't believe in orderly queueing, and the buses are always VERY crowded, they never jostle you, and they give up their seat for elderly people (especially foreign … [Read more...]

Chinese Horticulturists

Extract from the diary of two English teachers in Fuzhou, Fujian province (2009) In our many walks around and near the campus of Hwa Nan Women's College during our stay in Fuzhou, Fujian province, we encountered, time after time, neat rows of growing vegetables,lush and green against the warm sky.  Apart from large areas of obvious horticulturalists' plots, which virtually … [Read more...]