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Articles in ‘Global Times’ by, or about, Dave Feicke...

Dave Feickert, in 2011, over a 3-month period, wrote thirteen hard-hitting articles which were published on the Global Times website. They r... Read more

Lin Zexu – Saviour of Opium Addicts

Most people have heard of the Opium Wars and seen pictures of tragic men lying on beds inhaling the awful drug, eyes empty and hopeless un... Read more

Book Review: My China – A Feast for all the Senses

 'My China – A Feast for all the Senses' by Kylie Kwong, published by Penguin group (Australia) 2007, ISBN 9781920989354.Kylie is a fourth-g... Read more

Visit to Chinese Scholar’s Garden at the award-winning Ham...

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…..”As usual Shakespeare had the last word and last Sunda... Read more

Book Review: Shrewd Sanctity– The Story of Kathleen Hall, Missio...

 by Rae McGregor.  Second Edition published 2011 by AM Publishing New Zealand. ISBN 978-473-20532-4.                                        ... Read more

Book Review: The Dragon in the Land of Snows: A History of Tibe...

by Tsering Shakya, (Pimlico, 1999)ISBN-10: 0140196153The situation in Tibet continues to boil with recent self immolations by monks and nuns... Read more

Book Review: Por Por’s Cookbook

by Carolyn KingHome cooking through the generations since Chinese Women Settled in New Zealand over the last 100 yearsThis book contains ove... Read more

Book Review: My Path Leads to Tibet

by Sabriye Tenberken  (Arcade Publishing 2004, Ulverscroft Large Print 2000, ISBN-10: 1559706945 )A young blind German woman goes to Tibet t... Read more

Chinese Rollercoaster Taste in Wine

It is only in the last decade, however, that wine has begun to be imported into the country. Now the Chinese are starting to cultivate more ... Read more

Book Review: The Fat Years

by Chan Koonchung - Translation: Michael S. Duke  (Doubleday, 2011, ISBN: 13: 9780552776974)This book by Chan Koonchung, the Shanghai-born a... Read more

Book Review: Daughter of the River – an Autobiography

By Hong Ying (New York: Grove Press, 1998. 278 pp. ISBN 0–8021–1637–x)Stories of growing up in China are becoming more and more common.  Wil... Read more