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Projects funded by the Simon Deng Li Fund for 2015


We are pleased to announce that six projects are being funded by the Simon Deng Li fund for 2015. The accent of the projects is very much on ‘Youth’, which fits very well with the theme of last year’s National Conference.

Below is a list of the six projects, with a brief description and their status, as of early March, 2015.

The total funding is $NZ 40,000, ranging from $4050 for the ‘Rewi Alley Fellowship Writer’ to $NZ 9500 for the projected ‘Radio NZ Media Tour to China.

Details of the Projects:

1    New Zealand to China Youth Exchange                      

To fund university youth internships and exchanges between New Zealand and China in association with AIESEC and to raise the profile of the NZCFS.      Mentor: Wellington Branch

Status (11th May, 2015):     Wellington Branch is pleased to announce that 3 applicants have been selected to go on to go on a 6+ week AIESEC exchange to China.    Click HERE for more details.

For future reference, click HERE for a relevant website article including application criteria. 

2    Dunedin Youth Choir participation in the Shanghai Choral Arts Week (Shanghai International Music Festival), May 2015            

Dunedin Branch to assist fund the Dunedin Youth Choir (“BAROCK” – Otago Boys’ and Otago Girls’ High Schools combined choir) to the Shanghai International Spring Music Festival in May, 2015.

Mentor: Dunedin Branch

This project will allow the 25-30 member choir and 6 accompanying adults to experience China, many of them for the first time. [Editor: This project recalls a similar trip organised by the local choir of two Society members].

It is also supported by the RAFE fund.

Status: BAROCK Choir has been accepted to perform at the Shanghai Spring Music Festival and they will be rehearsing there from 13 May.  

3   Radio NZ Media Tour to China, 2015       

To fund half the travel costs of a Radio NZ tour to China in 2015 as a follow-through to the 2013 print media tour.   

Mentor: National Executive (George Andrews)

Status: Discussions are continuing with Radio New Zealand on a possible ‘Insight’ documentary on the role of New Zealanders Rewi Alley and Kathleen Hall in China’s struggle against the Japanese war of occupation which ended 70 years ago.

4    Rewi Alley Fellowship Writer from Shanghai 2015       

To fund a Shanghai-resident writer at the Michael King Writers’ Centre, Auckland, NZ, for eight weeks during September and October of 2015. This is, as agreed with the Shanghai Writers Association, in return for their hosting of Alison Wong in Shanghai in 2014.     

Mentor: National Executive (George Andrews)

Status: Shanghai Writers have forwarded names of three Chinese writers for our consideration.  

For an article by Alison Wong, last year’s Rewi Alley Fellowship writer, click HERE.

5    Bay of Plenty Cultural Scholarship to China            

To fund the travel costs of the ‘Cultural Scholarship’ part of the BOP SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME where senior secondary students spend one month in China living with a local family.    

Mentor: Tauranga Branch (John Hodgson)

Status:   Tauranga community is now in the final stages of selecting ten high-achieving students to travel to Nanchang in March –April for cultural exchanges including horticulture and journalism.

For an article on last year’s Scholarship students, click HERE.

6      Youth Ambassador to China            

To fund a Youth Friendship Ambassador (YFA) in China with funds to allow him/her to spend time on a project of him/her own design or engaged in social and community activity for up to six weeks. Mentor: National Executive (Dave Bromwich)

Status: The fund has been awarded to Alena Woo, a Massey University Design Graduate.  She will research the culture of doing business in China. The focus of Alena’s research will be on the everyday act of eating and its appropriate etiquette.  [Editor: see our ‘Interesting article’ on ‘Chopsticks – the ‘When’ and ‘How’].

Alena will spend up to 6 weeks in Shanghai and develop a professional resource on Shanghai business etiquette.

For an article on last year’s Youth Ambassadors, click HERE

Duncan France