Rotorua Branch Newsletters

Rotorua Branch Newsletter-August 2017

NZCFS Rotorua Branch August Newslette Greetings to everyone: Brenda told me that the July meeting was a big success, and I am very curious about what dish did you actually share and learn. Unfortunately I was not able to come as my Auckland friends decided at the last minute to go skiing. Hope you all have enjoyed the sunshine recently after the long period of wet winter. … [Read more...]

Rotorua Branch Newsletter – June 2017

NZCFS Rotorua Branch June Newsletter Greetings to everyone: Welcome to winter. The turn-out at our May meeting was relatively low because some of our members were sick. Frost struck our town two weeks ago and that means winter has arrived. Take care and stay positive: if winter comes, can that mean spring is not far behind? My presentation about the air pollution problem … [Read more...]

Rotorua Branch Newsletter – May 2017

NZCFS Rotorua Branch May Newsletter Greetings to everyone: This year’s AGM was another very joyful meeting to attend, although Brenda always referred to it as ‘the boring part’. Her review of last year’s activities revealed another good year. We had several excellent talks during the year, and I successfully ‘procrastinate’ two good topics relating to China into four meetings … [Read more...]

Rotorua Branch Newsletter – April 2017

Greetings to everyone: During March, Korean’s political storm had a big impact on the Chinese community. You probably heard that the Congress of Korea Republic decided to recall their Mrs. President because of a series of scandals. However, during the hearing stage, the Mrs. President’s administration approved the US to deploy their missile defence system to Korea. At the … [Read more...]

Rotorua Branch Newsletter-February 2017

NZCFS Rotorua Branch February Newsletter Greetings to everyone: Happy New Year! According to the Chinese lunar calendar, this is the Year of Roost/Cock/Chick (鸡年). Don’t laugh, because the phrase “鸡年” does not mention the stage of the two-footed bird which could not fly. And neither does this phrase tell the gender of this animal. But, because of the traditional mansplain, … [Read more...]

Rotorua Branch Newsletter-August 2016

Greetings to Everyone: After the hottest July since 1964, the weather around the country will return to normal this month, according to some climate experts on the news. This is because of the El Nino effect. Last time we had such a big El Nino effect was 1998. I am not sure what you remember about that year’s climate, but my memory is very fresh. That July, the water of the … [Read more...]

Rotorua Branch Newsletter-July 2016

NZCFS Rotorua Branch July NewsletterGreetings to everyone:Hopefully the catering at June’s meeting did not make you miss our shared lunch to much. I could not make it to the last meeting but I think the speeches from the Mandarin Language assistants helped you a little bit about learning Mandarin.Unfortunately, Prof. Yang from Victory University Confucius Institute will not be … [Read more...]

Rotorua Branch Newsletter – May 2016

BRANCH MAY NEWSLETTER Greetings to everyone:Thank you for coming to the AGM on 1 May. Our branch’s cash flow is still very healthy and the numbers attending were record-breaking! We had several new friends from different countries joining us and Tony also brought us wonderful stories about his childhood and his high school life. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to hear … [Read more...]

Rotorua Branch Newsletter – April 2016

NZCFS Rotorua Branch April Newsletter Greetings to everyone:There are several things to mention in this newsletter. Firstly is still this month’s meeting. Because our normal meeting time falls into ANZAC day long weekend, as mentioned in last newsletter, our NEXT regular meeting will beDATE: SUNDAY 1 MAYTIME: 12:30 P.M.VENUE: ROTORUA ARTS VILLAGE, 1240 Hinemaru StreetAt … [Read more...]

Rotorua Branch Newsletter – October 2015

GREETINGS TO ALL:OUR OCTOBER MEETING WILL BE HELD DATE: SUNDAY 18 OCTOBER 2015TIME: 12:30 P.M.VENUE: ROTORUA ARTS VILLAGE 1240 Hinemaru StreetWe will be carrying over our theme about the History of Chinese immigrants with the showing of a DVD entitled “Illustrious Energy.” It is about two Chinese men who are trying to get back to China by working in an abandoned gold field in … [Read more...]

Rotorua Branch Newsletter-August 2015

GREETINGS TO ALL:OUR AUGUST MEETING 2015 WILL BE HELD ON:DATE: SUNDAY 23 AUGUST 2015 TIME: 12:30 P.M. VENUE: ROTORUA ARTS VILLAGE, ( 1240 Hinemaru Street) This months meeting will be a bit different. We want everyone to participate. We will have an open discussion about the history of Chinese people coming to New Zealand both past and present. So do some homework and we shall … [Read more...]