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Timaru Branch Newsletter April 2012


 2012 AGM

Andrew Turnbull (centre) addressed the 2012 AGM

‘Enormous transport changes’ and ‘construction everywhere’ were phrases used by Andrew Turnbull when he spoke at the AGM of the Timaru branch  on 15 April.  Andrew was the Timaru Branch nomination for the Prominent Persons and Leaders Delegation on the ten day tour of Shandong and Fujian provinces in China in 2011, examining a huge variety of projects and developments.

 Andrew is well known locally as company manager for DC Turnbull Ltd. and Mount White Station, a Director for Primeport Timaru and a trustee for Bidwill Community Trust Hospital

 A personal concern for Andrew was the high level of pollution – he encountered this half an hour’s flying time out from Beijing, at 1600feet. If we in the Western world want China to produce goods cheaply for us, then pollution is probably inevitable. He was able to discuss this with some of the many fluent English speakers that he met. He was also impressed with the reforestation work. In Beijing province the land under forest has risen in recent years from 2% to 30%.


Brian Foley presents retiring secretary Ann White with a gift.

At the conclusion of the meeting Past-President Brian Foley made a presentation to retiring secretary Ann White.