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Diana Coop

First Fellow of Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (NZCFS) is a Co...

In June 2016, the New Zealand China Friendship Society (NZCFS) joined with the prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust which awards a... Read more

Pacific China friendly relations extended in new Association

New Zealand China Friendship Society national executive members Dave Bromwich (President), George Andrews, Miao Fan and Heiko Lade attende... Read more
NZCFS PP&L Tour 2015

NZCFS PP&L Delegation (2015) with Focus on Health

Fascinating facts and significant differences in attitude to health between New Zealand and China were highlighted during the visit to Chi... Read more
New Zealand Chinese Language Week September 2016

Ni Hao – It’s New Zealand Chinese Language Week 2016...

Noticing an increase in the number of people saying 'Ni Hao" at work today? Well that's not surprising given that Monday 12th September 2016... Read more
Just a few of the 174 boxes (8 tonnes) of traditional roof tiles sent from Changchun for Masterton’s Chinese Pavilion, yet to be built…

A Chinese Pavilion for Masterton!

The original design was supplied by the Changchun Gardening Bureau and is designed along traditional lines, at the same time making sure tha... Read more
Christine Ward receiving the award at the Sister City Awards Dinner

Air New Zealand Award for Nelson’s Art-Exchange Project

As part of the Sister Cities NZ Conference this year (May, 2016), held in Nelson, at the Sister City Awards Dinner, NZCFS Nelson Branch's Im... Read more
NZCFS Winston Churchill

Grant on offer for Kiwis engaging with China

NZCFS has recently joined with the prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust in awarding an annual Fellowship for Kiwis who wish to add... Read more
NZ Embassy - Chinese Media

Screening of ‘Inside Red China’ film for Chinese Med...

17 young journalists from 14 Chinese media outlets attended a screening of the Rudall Hayward 1958 film 'Inside Red China', which was subtit... Read more

Call for young people to attend 2016 International Youth Forum &...

Beijing Youth Federation is pleased to invite members of the NZCFS, particularly youth members, to the 2016 International Youth Organisation... Read more

Volunteering with ‘Xinxing Aid for Street Kids’

<img class="wp-image-23647 size-large" src=" Read more

NZ Chinese Language Week in full flow

The New Zealand Chinese Language Week, from September 7 -13, 2015, is in full action, with activities both National (1) and in the main cent... Read more

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